Peneda Geres National Park

~ S T O R I E S    O F    L I F E ~

We are getting out of our car before we even reach you, because we feel you. We are up in the mountains, autumn and spring meeting and kissing each other wherever we look. There is leftover black colour from the ashes, which the bushfires have brought to you in the past. There are first spring flowers blooming, there are rocks small and big … and huge. And there is water. We smell you, and boy do you smell good. The sun is touching our skin, our noses burn for the first time this year and my heart is full.

Nature, you are magical. Over, and over, and over again.

Peneda Geres National Park, Portugal. 2018

|   Ruth Buchert   |   Fotograf    |   Portugal   |   Peneda Geres National Park   |